baby shower giftsShopping for baby shower gifts has become rather easy these days. Some mother’s-to-be are registered at their favourite shops and all you have to do is check the register at the store and determine what she still needs and hasn’t received yet. The shop keeps all of the information stored in their computer. Not only does it make shopping quick and easy, it helps lessen the chances of people buying duplicate presents.

So how do you shop for baby shower gifts if the Mother to be isn’t registered with any shops? That depends. What gender is the baby? The gender of the child drastically changes the range of suitable gifts, for example boys would prefer Lego, action figures, cars but girls would prefer dolls, horses etc. Were the invitations a specific theme? Like Disney characters or other well known characters? If so, chances are they’d like something that goes with the theme of the party. If you’re not sure, ask whomever is giving the party if they know what she needs. A unique gift for a baby shower is a personalised guest book. Design it according to the party’s theme and add photos of the baby, parents, and other memorabilia. You can consult companies that specialise in affordable book printing services in the UK for advise on other ideas. If you would like it customized and professionally done, there are creative digital design agencies in London that can give you an affordable quote. It all depends on your budget and how extravagant you would like to be.

If you want to give something of sentimental value then handmade gifts are ideal. These original items are not only great for the baby, which they can keep even when they grow older, but will also be cherished by the mother as a keepsake. Whether is jewellery, decorations or accessories, this type of present shows you put thought and heart into it.

baby basketA great idea for a baby shower gift is to contribute to creating their new room. This will be their place to relax, learn and grow so will need to fill the room with colourful images, toys and furnishings. You can get cheap childrens bedroom accessories if you cannot afford to buy furniture such as a crib, a bath or changing table. Instead you could buy small cushions, blankets, wall hangings, mobiles or even decorative toys to make their new bedroom a safe and enjoyable place. Teddy bears are one of the more traditional gifts. You can find a range of classic toys from specialty stores like Willow Tree Bears. The most popular kinds are steiff bears, charlie bears, and merrythought teddy bears.

Often times the Parents to be already have everything they need except nappies and wipes. That information is sometimes conveyed on the invitation also. Strapped for cash? Baby shower gifts don’t have to cost anything more than your time. Make a coupon book for the Mother; fill it with coupons like “free hour of babysitting” or “free diaper change”. Sometimes those gifts are the ones most appreciated! Baby shower gifts don’t have to cost a fortune either; toy wholesalers are often cheaper if can buy toys or gifts in bulk and pound shops have all sorts of items you can buy, including baskets and such so that you can make your own little gift basket with bottles and bottle brushes, flannels, baby bibs, socks – whatever you want all for just a few pounds.

Baby shower gifts range from the smallest little items to nursery furniture and more; whatever the gifts are, they are there to celebrate the life of a new little one and to help the new parents adjust to the life they face ahead and you can take comfort in knowing that your baby shower gifts made raising the baby and or taking care of that baby a little bit nicer, a little bit easier and all parents to be appreciate everything no matter what the baby shower gifts are; especially the new ones.

The presentation of the gift will add to the overall experience, and a well wrapped gift can certainly make a lasting impression. You can choose to opt for more traditional wrappings such as gift wrap which can be a cheap option, and because of the many design options available you can usually find something meaningful for the recipient. If you want to opt for a more modern gift wrap, pure kraft paper can be purchased from packaging suppliers. Kraft paper lends itself to a variety of different looks; you can choose to add a simple ribbon tie for a classic, shabby chic style or you can decorate the paper with paints and stamps – great if you want to get the children involved!