Wonderful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There are thousands of great baby shower gift ideas out there, it’s just a matter of finding them. You can go as simple as buying nappies, which are always needed with a new baby on the way. But how about blankets?

baby blanketsPlush and fleece blankets are a great idea because babies can have them for years. Another great baby shower gift idea is clothes, especially the one piece suits. New born babies will go through so many clothes because they grow up so quickly, and a mother will love that you can contribute to it. However it still is important to have a few signature pieces of clothing that will be worn often, and once grown out of, be passed down to other siblings or friends. Therefore a great gift to get a newborn girl, for instance, would be Catmini skirts; Lili Gaufrette dresses; Kenzo, Scotch R Belle or S&D Le Chic girls clothing. For boys, popular brands are Replay kids clothing, Tommy Hilfiger children’s jeans, and Diesel clothing for kids and babies. Buying designer clothing for a child will guarantee you that they will be made with good, strong and beautiful material. There are bibs and booties and shoes, all of which you can never have enough of. Some of the big baby shower gift ideas include bassinets, cribs, playpens, and diaper changing tables.

If you’re looked for a gift idea to help decorate the baby’s new room, then you should consider childrens wall stickers. These could be colourful images or even quotes that the baby will love to look at if they are placed above the crib. Baby hampers are also decorative and useful. Gift hampers or baskets for baby girls and boys can be used for clothes, toys, and other items. They can be placed within easy reach for convenience.

Are you looking for something a little bit smaller and a lot more personal? Try something such as the baby book for Mummy and Daddy to record all events that occur the first year; or maybe a special photo album. How about a kit to make clay hand and footprints. There are always the kits that have the thermometer, nail clippers, medicine dropper, and other like items in it as well. “Custom designed gifts like tableware, teacups, or shirts are great ideas. You can have personalised tshirts with heartfelt messages to the baby and the parents. If you want to bring in a bit of laugh, funny labels are sure to be a big hit at the party.

baby giftsLooking for something a little more in the idea of for the Mum-to-be? Try a tote bag with all the essentials in it for her trip to the hospital. Some of the items you may want to include in it are shampoo, deodorant, a new toothbrush, some socks, and maybe even a favourite CD. Another travel kit that can be personalised and given at the baby shower is on for travelling. In it needs to include, but not be limited to, baby wash, and a flannel or wipes, a clean outfit, nappies and bags to put dirty nappies in.

Some other wonderful baby shower gift ideas include games that everyone can enjoy. For example, give each guest a specific item to bring to make a diaper cake; diapers in the sizes ranging from new born to 2 or 3, a few baby bottles, some dummies, teething rings, and other small baby items that could be used for decorating. Another game that involves gifts is times of the day. You assign each guest a time of day to buy an item for. For example if you have bathtime you could buy baby wash and a towel.