Babies & Childrens Educational Toys

Children’s educational toys have come a long way from basic blocks with letters and numbers simple picture books. Technology has stepped in to offer an array of high tech educational toys that range in complexity depending on the age of the child. Between the traditional toys of the past and the new technological marvels of today, parents have plenty to choose from.

Babies Educational Toys

building blocksBabies educational toys help infants and toddlers learn about shapes, colors and sounds, stimulating their senses and helping to promote their overall growth and development. Singing and dancing toys invite young children to join along and practice. Manipulative toys teach about texture and shapes. Toys like this work well on a mobile above a crib. However, it is vital that all toys that an infant or toddler will be near are certified safe.

Older Children

For older children, there are fully interactive picture books and learning games available for game consoles, pads and home computer. The high tech educational choices available to parents and educators are extensive. There are interactive globes which allow children to touch on specific regions of the world to learn about the people or animals that live there. There are also to stuffed animals, dolls and action figures can teach children by responding to a child’s question or simply play soothing music. There are home planetariums that can help a child learn more about our own galaxy and the universe

Traditional Toys

colouring pencilsThis is not to say that more traditional childrens educational toys are not still in fashion in daycare centers, schools and at home. Coloring books on topics from the different types of animals in the world to how certain jobs are done are still very widely used for educating younger children. Educational puzzles and games are also quite popular, teaching children to recognize patterns or symbols.